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Campaign: Topshop Fall/Winter 2014-2015
Campaign: Topshop Fall/Winter 2014-2015
Campaign: Topshop Fall/Winter 2014-2015

I met my idol today… the one and only JACK BLACK!! I think we were separated at birth x
Could you please write down all the tattoos that Cara has? You know, make a list of all her tattoos? I love your blog. It's the best.

1. A lion - on her finger.

2. CJD - on the side of her hand.

3. Made in England - on her foot.

4. XII - beneath her armpit, on her rib.

5. Silence - on her wrist.

6. Heart - on her pinky.

7. Pandora - on her arm/bicep.

8. Don’t worry be happy - right beneath her breasts, on her upper stomach.

9. Stars - on her ear.

10. Diamond - on her ear.

11. Breathe deep - on her arm/bicep.

12. Thai - on the back of her neck.

13. DD - on her hipbone/upper leg.


What made you happy today?

My friends, and reaching 17k… so you guys! :)

Wait?! You have talked with fuckyeahdelevingne?


do you know why carasbigmac on instagram doesn't post anymore?

I don’t, sorry x

is cara dating selena?


Do you like Selena and Cara friendship?